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Insights x Design

Ai - Ml - Analytics

Human-Centered Design for AI - ML - Analytics Products.

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About Us

Insights x Design

Supercharge Your Data Experience: The Insights x Design Approach

Specializes in revolutionizing data experiences with a user-centric approach. Tackling issues like low user adoption and vague AI directives, we transform complex analytics and machine learning into transparent, trustworthy solutions that drive business value.

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Facing Challenges with User Adoption? We've Got You Covered:

At Insights x Design, we understand the frustration of low user adoption for meticulously crafted dashboards and apps. It's not just about delivering what's asked for; it's about exceeding expectations and creating user-centric designs that resonate with your audience.

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Showcasing the Value Behind Your Analytics and ML:

Your team's prowess in analytics, ML, and engineering is undeniable. But how do you make customers see this value immediately? Insights x Design focuses on highlighting your solutions' practical and impactful aspects, ensuring your brilliance doesn't go unnoticed.

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Building Trust in Machine Learning:

Trust is the cornerstone of technology adoption. Our team works tirelessly to ensure your machine learning models aren't just advanced but also transparent and trustworthy. We bridge the gap between complex algorithms and user confidence.

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Simplifying Complex Solutions:

A great solution that's hard to sell or use is a missed opportunity. We excel in simplifying complex solutions, and enhancing their usability without compromising sophistication. Our approach to UX and UI design ensures that your products are intuitive, engaging, and effortless to navigate.

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Transforming Vague AI Mandates into Targeted Solutions:

"Use AI" – a directive often heard but seldom understood. We specialize in deciphering these mandates, turning them into clear, actionable, and problem-specific AI solutions that drive business value.


Transforming Your Data Team from Cost Center to Innovation Hub:

The potential of your data team extends far beyond being a cost center. At Insights x Design, we unlock this potential, turning your team into a powerhouse of innovation. We help you leverage your data capabilities not just to support but also to drive your business forward actively.

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What We Are Offering?

Consulting Services:

UI / UX Design Audit

Advisory Retainer

Brain Picking Call

Custom Engagements

Training & Speaking:

Instructor-Led Seminar

Self-Guided Video Course

Strategy Talks & Team Discussions

UI / UX Design Audit & Remediation Plan

You need a remediation plan:

What to fix, when, and how to fix it—so customers will find your solution indispensable.

โ€‹The UI/UX Design Audit is a complete diagnostic of your existing solution followed by a plan that outlines quick, tactical UI changes you can start making immediately and the strategic-level UX improvements you need to make to realize your business and customer objectives.

โ€‹The UI/UX Design Audit is a complete diagnostic of your existing solution followed by a plan that outlines quick, tactical UI changes you can start making immediately and the strategic-level UX improvements you need to make to realize your business and customer objectives.

Advisory Retainer

Get answers fast. Monthly, 24-7 access to me about design, product management, UI/UX design, data viz, and more for ML apps and data products.

Designing useful, usable, beautiful data products customers find indispensable is challenging.

Learning things the hard way can be extremely costly.

Your ML, data science, analytics, or engineering efforts need to show results, and if there are humans in the loop, then how you design the last-mile experience can have a huge impact on your ability to produce value. You don't want to produce a technically correct but effectively wrong solution that produces little to no value, and that's where my retainer can help if you think you're going to have design, UI/UX, research, product, or strategy questions along the way.

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Embrace the Insights x Design process

Where your data challenges meet innovative, user-focused solutions. Let's turn obstacles into opportunities and transform the way your data products are perceived and utilized.

Our Team


Michael Madson

Founder and Principal Design Consultant, brings a unique perspective from his extensive technical communication and user experience background. Michael’s research delves into how communication practices, AI, ML, and technology enhance health and wellness. His work, including "Teaching writing in the health professions" and "Composing health literacies," reflects a deep understanding of how effective technical communication shapes user experience. His experience across various universities, including the Medical University of South Carolina and Harvard Extension School, adds a rich educational dimension to our consultancy.

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Andrew Madson

Founder and Principal Technical Consultant, leads our team with extensive experience in data analytics, AI, and machine learning. As a leader in large-scale AI and analytics projects and a professor teaching graduate-level programs in data science, statistics, and leadership, Andrew embodies the spirit of our mission. His expertise in SQL, R, Python, Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, and Alteryx, combined with his passion for making complex data concepts accessible, drives our consultancy's approach to practical, effective data solutions. Authoring the book "Data Storytelling for Business Leaders," Andrew is at the forefront of developing innovative strategies for data products, AI experience, and visual communication.

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